We stimulate the potential of costumers and we respect your restrictions

Our experience with companies

Macroplan has vast experience in serving private and public companies that stand out in its various segments. The projects developed in support of the different demands were made to measure, stimulating the potential of the clients and respecting their restrictions, always considering the peculiarities of the business environment of each organization.

Predicting scenarios and prepare the best future for business?
  • Trends and conditions of the future
  • National, focused and sectoral scenarios
  • Qualitative research
  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Modeling complex problems
  • National and international benchmarking
  • Proof of business and innovation opportunities
  • Leadership development and skills development
What strategies to stay competitive in constantly changing markets?
  • Medium and long-term corporate strategies
  • Business Strategies
  • Functional strategies
  • Leadership development and skills development
How to align the business considering the Company´s Mission?
  • Evaluation of the organizational culture for the strategy
  • Detailing of strategic metrics
  • Management and monitoring of strategic projects
  • Evaluation of results and meritocracy
  • Service network management
  • Strategic management of innovation
  • Governance and Organizational Design
  • Leadership development and skills development


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